Homemade Sports Drinks

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I don’t know about your family, but mine is ALWAYS thirsty.  We stopped buying soda a couple of years ago in an effort to 1.) encourage healthier beverage choices, and 2.) reign in our ridiculously high grocery budget. After the “soda strike” I found myself buying way too many sports drinks.  While these are a slightly healthier option than soda, they are not such a great choice for the budget.  My family can go through an 8-pack of sports drinks in one weekend and that stuff is expensive!  I knew there had to be a better way but I had no idea what the better way would be until I stumbled upon this post at “One Good Thing by Jillee”.

Enough about the “why’s” though – Let’s get to the doing.  I’ve made this sports drink several times for my family and they love it!  The ingredient list is short which makes me love it too.  🙂

Jillee’s recipe only made one quart at a time and I knew that if I only made one quart, I’d never get out of the kitchen, so I did some math and tweaked the recipe here and there to come up with this.  This recipe fills five, 20 oz. up-cycled Gatorade bottles.  I don’t even like commercial sports drinks and I give this one two thumbs up.

So, without further ado, I give you my not-so-secret recipe for homemade sports drinks.

Homemade Sports Drink

Here’s what you’ll need:

1½ cups Orange Juice
¾ cups sugar (you can use sucanat or honey if you prefer, to your tastes)
¾ tsp kosher salt (or sea salt)
3 Tbsp lemon juice (two medium lemons)


1. Heat 1 cup of water to almost boiling and stir in sugar and salt until completely dissolved.
2. Let cool slightly and pour into a large pitcher or jar
3. Stir in orange juice and lemon juice
4. Add enough water to make 3 quarts (I added just a splash more than 9¼ cups)
5. Stir, pour into bottles, and refrigerate.

Homemade Sports Drink

That’s it!  Easy right?  I can’t really say how long this will last in the refrigerator because it disappears fast around here; but I can testify that one bottle got “lost” in the fridge and was discovered two or three weeks later.  It looked separated in the bottle, but I gave it a quick shake and it was still yummy!  I hope your family enjoys this one as much as mine does.

Be blessed ya’ll.

Much Love, Trixie

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