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Nature’s Elixir {Part 1} – Oregano

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Recently, I’ve discovered the incredible benefits of essential oils. In my Christian walk, I’ve always felt that God had provided for us, a way to preserve our own health and I just couldn’t believe, in my heart of hearts, that the answer was found in a laboratory. My regret is that I was already in my 40’s before discovering these oils and their myriad of uses for myself. You’ll notice as I talk about the oils individually in my articles that many of them mirror each other’s properties and can be used interchangeably. It strikes me that this was probably just another piece of God’s great plan for us to be able to care for ourselves in perfect harmony with His creation.

Oregano Essential OilOregano is one of these essences that I feel like God gave us as way to keep our bodies working perfectly, as they were created. It is a powerful elixir for whatever ails you, and one of the most potent essential oils available. Historically, oregano was used by the ancient Greeks to treat a multitude of health problems including trauma, wound care, headaches, respiratory problems (including asthma), insect and animal bites, dental care (including infections of the gums), and as a remedy for colds, flu and other diseases.

Oregano is an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and a digestive aid. It truly is a one-stop-shop for health and wellness.

Here’s a list of common protocols from around the web for oregano essential oil:

  • Rub into gums to fight infections and gum disease
  • Mixed with a carrier oil such as almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil to treat diaper rash, and to cure athlete’s foot
  • Use as an antiseptic for cleaning supplies
  • Applied neat for removal of moles and warts
  • As part of a protocol to cure Lyme disease
  • Topically or orally to treat Candida, worms, and other parasites
  • Combined with Melaleuca, it has been shown effective against staph infections and the deadly MRSA bacteria
  • Used in combination with lavender and lemon to treat sore throats, including strep throat
  • Use alone or in combination with lavender to cure toenail fungus
  • As a natural decongestant (put a drop under your nostrils or breathe in the scent from a handkerchief or cotton ball)
  • As an antihistamine to halt and prevent allergy attacks
  • Relieves arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and other related problems
  • Relieves migraine headaches (anti-inflammatory), either topically, aromatically, or internally
  • Relieves muscle aches and pains (anti-inflammatory) used either topically, aromatically, or internally
  • Relieves joint pain and inflammation – arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or sports injuries to name just a few (anti-inflammatory) used either topically, aromatically, or internally
  • Treat ear infections (use outside the ear topically)

I cannot stress enough the importance of only using certified PURE essential oils.  Spark Naturals’ essential oils are independently tested and certified, 100% pure, uncut, essential oil extracted using best practices methods.  Just wanted to make sure we all understand.  

There are so many more uses out there. I could spend days combing through books and the internet and still not find all the options for oregano.

You can use oregano aromatically in your home to promote immune system support and nip those germs that are floating around in the air you breathe to keep your family healthy. Oregano oil is a highly volatile oil, which means the molecules become airborne easily, making it a great option for treating the respiratory system.  Just inhale the vapors directly from the bottle as often as necessary (or put a few drops in your diffuser to fill the room with oregano’s healing power).

It can also be used topically, but because of its “spicy” nature, it is considered a hot oil. So if you have sensitive skin or are using it on young children, I would recommend diluting it at least 1:1 with a good quality carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Additionally, oregano essential oil can be consumed orally providing that you are using a 100% pure, therapeutic grade oil such as Spark Naturals’ Oregano Essential Oil. You don’t want to take a chance with a lower quality oil because many of the less expensive oils are cut with other ingredients and I can’t recommend consuming them to the possible detriment to your health. Also, it should be noted that while you can cook with this oil, its properties will be compromised by high heat, thus rendering it considerably less effective.

As you can see, oregano oil is one that you don’t want to be without in your home. If I believed in magic, I definitely would think this qualifies; but instead, I believe in miracles and this oil is most definitely miraculous in my book. It’s a true gift from God.

You can get your own bottle of certified 100% pure, therapeutic grade Oregano oil at Spark Naturals for only $7.56 for a 5 ml bottle. Considering that you use this oil one drop at a time, I think that’s a steal for its unending list of uses. The 15 ml bottle is an even better deal at only $21.60 and since the shelf life of these oils is forever, I can see no reason not to get the 15 ml bottle.

Free Shipping for Valentine's DayAs luck would have it, Spark Naturals announced today that they are offering FREE shipping from now through Friday (2/4 – 2/7/14) on all orders. PLUS, if you use the coupon code “Trixie” when placing your order, you’ll receive an additional 10% discount off your entire order.

I’m going to wrap this post up for now. I know I said I would do a post on Oregano and Shield, but well…this post got away from me and it’s pretty long so I’ve added a {Part 1} to the title and will come back tomorrow with a {Part 2} where we’ll learn all about Shield. Until then, I pray love, happiness, and good health to you all.

Hugs, Trixie





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